Choosing the right footwear for water parks


Siam Park, located in the picturesque Tenerife, is not just any water park. It's a world-class attraction that has been named the best water park multiple times. But as you prepare for a day of thrilling rides and relaxing pools, one question might pop up: "What shoes should I wear?"

Why wear shoes in Siam Park?

Walking around a water park can be a strange experience. The ground can get hot, and there's always the risk of stepping on something sharp or slippery. Shoes provide a protective barrier between your feet and the ground, ensuring you don't end up with unexpected cuts or burns. Moreover, certain areas of the park, like the queue areas or restaurants, might require footwear for hygiene reasons.

Barefoot or shoes?

While going barefoot gives you the authentic beach experience, it's not always the best choice in a water park. The ground can get scorching during peak hours, and there's always the risk of stepping on something unpleasant. Shoes, especially water shoes or wet shoes, offer protection and can enhance your overall park experience.

Allowed footwear on slides

When it comes to slides, safety is paramount. While some slides allow specific footwear, others might require you to go barefoot:

  • Water Shoes & Wet Shoes: These are ideal for water parks. They offer protection, are water-resistant, and most slides in Siam Park allow them.
  • Sandals & Flip Flops: While they're comfortable for walking around, they're often not allowed on slides. It's best to leave them at the bottom or in a locker.
  • Crocs: Their popularity is undeniable, but when it comes to slides, they're a grey area. Some slides might allow them, while others won't.
  • Swim Shoes & Beach Shoes: These are similar to water shoes and are generally allowed on most slides.
  • Sliders: Like flip flops, they're best left at the bottom of the slide or in a locker.

Shoes to leave at the bottom

While it's tempting to wear your favorite pair of shoes, remember that water parks are bustling places. There's always a risk of misplacing or losing your footwear. It's best to wear something functional and leave the expensive pairs at home.

Can you buy water shoes at Siam Park?

Yes, Siam Park stores offer a variety of water shoes suitable for all ages. These shoes are designed to provide grip on wet surfaces, protect your feet from hot grounds, and ensure you enjoy the rides without any discomfort. Whether you're planning to tackle the thrilling slides or just want to relax by the beach area, having the right pair of water shoes can make a significant difference.

The price of water shoes in Siam Park is about 10 euros.

siam park water shoes branded

In conclusion, while Siam Park offers a world of fun and excitement, ensuring you have the right footwear can make a huge difference in your experience. So, strap on those water shoes and dive into the adventure!

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