Siam Park Tenerife hotels: your complete guide to accommodation and planning the perfect visit

Siam Park is a renowned water park located on the stunning island of Tenerife. Unlike other theme parks such as PortAventura or Disneyland, Siam Park does not have its own branded hotel or accommodation facilities within the park. This article aims to provide essential information about Siam Park Tenerife Hotels and transportation options, ensuring an incredibly memorable visit.

Accommodation features near Siam Park

When planning a visit to Siam Park, it's essential to recognize that the park does not offer on-site accommodation like some other theme parks. This means visitors must explore nearby lodging options. Whether you're looking for luxury resorts or budget-friendly hotels close to Siam Park, the surrounding area has something to offer. However, unlike parks like PortAventura or Disneyland, the lack of a branded hotel means you'll need to plan your stay carefully. From family-friendly options to hotels with swimming pools, you'll find a variety of choices.

Distinctive elephant-themed entrance at Siam Park, Tenerife, adding a touch of charm and grandeur

Costa Adeje — a tourist haven near Siam Park

Siam Park is strategically located in the bustling tourist area of Costa Adeje, a place renowned for its vibrant atmosphere and plethora of attractions. Staying in accommodation near Siam Park not only provides easy access to the water park but also opens up a world of opportunities to explore Costa Adeje's incredible infrastructure and attractions.

1. Beaches: Costa Adeje is home to some of Tenerife's most beautiful beaches, such as Playa del Duque and Playa Fañabé. These beaches offer golden sands and crystal-clear waters, perfect for sunbathing, swimming, and water sports.

2. Shopping: From high-end boutiques to local markets, Costa Adeje offers a shopping experience for every taste and budget. The Siam Mall, located near Siam Park, is packed with shops, restaurants, and entertainment options.

3. Nightlife: Costa Adeje's nightlife is lively and diverse. Whether you prefer beach bars, clubs, or family-friendly entertainment, you'll find it all here.

4. Aqualand Costa Adeje: In addition to Siam Park, the area also hosts Aqualand Costa Adeje (tickets), another fantastic water park. It's a great place for families and offers a variety of slides, pools, and shows, including a popular dolphin show.

5. Outdoor Activities: Costa Adeje is a hub for outdoor enthusiasts. From hiking and cycling trails to golf courses and boat tours, the opportunities for adventure are endless.

6. Culinary Delights: Enjoy the local and international cuisine at the many restaurants and cafes that line the streets of Costa Adeje. From seafood to tapas, there's something for every palate.

By choosing to stay in Costa Adeje, visitors can immerse themselves in a vibrant community that offers more than just proximity to Siam Park. The combination of beautiful landscapes, exciting activities, and a second water park makes it a prime location for tourists looking to make the most of their Tenerife vacation.

Combined Ticket with Loro Parque

One of the exciting opportunities for visitors to Tenerife is the combined ticket to Siam Park and Loro Parque. This ticket offers you a chance to explore both parks at a ridiculous discounted price. Here's where you can purchase the combined Siam+Loro ticket.

If you're planning to visit both parks, staying in Puerto de la Cruz near Loro Parque might be a great idea. You can then take the fixed bus service provided by the parks to travel to Siam Park. This strategy not only saves time but also adds convenience to your trip. For more information on visiting Loro Parque with children, check out this article.

Transportation and parking

Getting to Siam Park is made easy with various manageable transportation options. You can choose from buses, taxis, or rental cars. Here's an article detailing how to get to Siam Park using different means of transportation.

Spacious parking area at Siam Park, Tenerife, providing convenient parking options for visitors to the water park

If you prefer driving, Siam Park and the nearby Siam Mall offer parking facilities for visitors. This option provides flexibility for those who want to explore other attractions in the area. For information about parking facilities at Siam Park, read this article.

When visiting Siam Park during the high season, consider purchasing a Fast Pass to avoid long queues.

Booking tips and trip planning

  • Best Time to Book: Consider booking your tickets and accommodation well in advance, especially during peak seasons.
  • Comparison Websites: Utilize websites to compare prices and book the best deals for tickets to Siam Park.
  • Cancellation and Refunds: Be honest about the cancellation policies and refund options when booking, as they may vary between providers.


Visiting Siam Park is an unforgettable experience, but it requires careful planning, especially regarding Siam Park Tenerife Hotels and transportation. By considering the combined ticket with Loro Parque, exploring transportation options, and understanding the unique features of Siam Park, you can ensure a smooth and enjoyable visit.