Tower of Power

Tower of Power in Siam Park (Tenerife) is a water slide of “kamikaze” type built in beautiful Asian style as everything in this unique theme park.

Tower of Power


Siam Park Power Tower is situated in the highest zone of its territory which provides absolutely stunning panoramic view. Even so, most of people can’t just enjoy the landscape because of the adrenaline they have: this is the slide for the bravest who want to feel the power! Tower Power (Siam Park) has the red level of difficulty according to park’s scale.

Siam Park Tower of Power height is 28 meters, and you will be almost flying during 76 meters.

How to ride

Be sure to follow the rules: you should hold crossed your legs and hands during all the ride. Also don’t raise your head or anything because it can be really dangerous. Safeguards will certainly explain you everything before you go and make sure you’ll be safe, then gently push you to start when you’re ready.

Tower of Power starting point

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The Tower of Power (Siam Park) speed is up to 80 km/h. After almost free falling you will pass through a tube in an aquarium with sharks and rays. Be prepared that you won’t be able to see them clear in spite of the transparent walls, because there will be water splashes all around you. A better view point of Siam Park Tower of Power sharks is outside.

After all, you will find yourself into the landing pool of 90 cm depth, exited, happy and proud. Don’t forget to go away from the pool as soon as possible because of the safety reasons.


To ride the Tower of Power at Siam Park Tenerife, visitors must meet the following requirements:

  1. Height: Riders must be at least 1.40 meters (4 feet, 7 inches) tall.
  2. Health requirements: Riders must be in good health and free from any medical conditions that could be aggravated by the ride, such as heart conditions, back or neck problems, or pregnancy.
  3. Rider behavior: Riders must follow all safety instructions provided by the ride operators, must keep their arms and legs inside the ride at all times, and must assume a seated position with their feet forward during the ride.
  4. Age: Riders under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

In addition to the above requirements, visitors should be aware that the Tower of Power is a high-speed water slide with a steep drop and a section that passes through an aquarium. Riders must be comfortable with high speeds and have no fear of enclosed spaces or aquatic animals.

Meeting these requirements will ensure that riders can safely enjoy the Tower of Power at Siam Park Tenerife. The ride is suitable for thrill-seekers who are looking for an exciting and unforgettable experience on their visit to the park.


Are there any restrictions on riding the Tower of Power slide?

Restrictions: the Tower of Power (Costa Adeje) is not suitable for kids under 140 cm or under 14 years and may be dangerous for pregnant women.

Do I have to take off my glasses and stuff before I go on the slide?

Tips: don’t forget to take off your sunglasses, jewelry and so on before going upstairs on Tower of Power water slide (lockers are available in different spots of the park)

What is the height of the Tower of Power slide?

  • Height of the Power Tower (Tenerife): 28 meters
  • Length Siam water Park Tower of Power: 76 meters

At what speed can I go down a water slide?

  • Siam Park Tower of Power speed: 80 km/h

How to find

Tower of Power location on the park map:

Tower of Power on the park plan

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Tower of Power
Tower of Power Tower of Power Tower of Power



OMG! Very fast! And very high!

Been there it’s great, especially the tower of power. I was like a big kid when I was there, went on everything. I went down it back in 2015 while on honeymoon.

I loved it, I couldn't breathe but it was so much fun!!

oooh I’d love it… although I’d probably poop myself! xxx

I can’t believe we did this!

you literally can’t breathe on the way down

Never been so scared in my life

I lost count of how many times I conquered this tower! Love it so much!!

Looks scary but it’s not, great water park

Nathan HughesGo down it that fast I didn't see the shark best water slide I have been on

The best experience ever!

I've done this scariest ever

Tried this bad ass in 2015. Highly recommend to anyone who likes adrenaline!

Never felt fear like it on them final moments before I got into the thing

This was the best part of my holiday. If you go here JUST DO IT, I don't care what your fears are, do not miss out on this experience. Fear of heights has nothing to do with it, you're on a slide, not free falling and you can't even open your eyes to see anything anyway and it's over in seconds. I'm not a strong swimmer and even in a swimming pool I hate putting my head under the water and that was my fear here, but I just did it and I did face that fear, your eyes, nose, mouth and throats are battered with water from the off, it does feel like you're going to drown but the adrenaline rush is so worth it. EXPERIENCE THIS SLIDE!

This has been my favourite water park i went so far. I went on all the slides and 3 times on the tower of power because that slide is just awesome.

Scarier thing I have done in my life, definitely won’t try it again but it was fun

Like all these ones - they just disrupt your sight and sound. Plus kind of hard to breathe with water flying in your nose and mouth - the real challenge is simply having the balls to do it. Great slide

Absolutely love this slide, I’d say the biggest part is getting up to and being at the top, once you go down the slide it’s over in no time

Doesn’t look that big on video but in real life it’s massive I had to be bribed to get on it there for the first time because I’m shit scared of heights but after the 1st time I loved it

I saw more on this video than myself when using this slide. The water hit my face so hard that i could only see anything maybe during the first second. I won't lie, I was bit scared and excited when approaching the slide at the top. Didn't feel the feeling of fall though.

Finally did the tower of power in my visit to siam park, the two seconds before the drop are where the fear builds

Me and my friends did this slide and let me tell you. Everyone is boss till it's your turn and you realize how steep it is.

The only reason I went on this was for my little sister, but she was 9, the age limit is 14 so it was just me and my dad. I was terrified

I was just in siam park today, and did all the rides except tower of power, you couldnt pay me to do that one

Got to be honest, I hated this! Once was enough for me. All the other slides at the park were amazing though and it's a great day out (even if you're a bit of a wimp like me!)

I went on the other rides but this one,just couldn't do it. I hate heights,looks so much higher in real life than in the video. Wish I had given it a go now but at the time looking at it there was no chance I was getting on it. It looks insanely high

Went on this a few times the first time I didn’t know when I was at the bottom and put my hands up by accident nearly broke my arms aha next few times learnt my lesson