Singha is by far the latest attraction build in Tenerife’s “Siam Park” complex. Inaugurated in 2015, the ride got award as the Best New Water Attraction the same year. It is the fastest water roller-coaster ever: your speed can reach 6 meters per second on rise and 18 meters per second on descent. On Singha the drops are steeper and the bends are faster than on usual slides thanks to its special turbine technology and a potent water propulsion system specially created for this attraction. Also, it provides more capacity than many other rides.

Singha Slide in Siam Park (Tenerife)

Description and parameters

Singha has 14 changes of direction with speedy curves, scary dark tunnels alternating with bright open spaces; hence a real adrenaline injection and irresistible fun are guaranteed. It’s truly exciting and mind-blowing water slide, so don’t miss it out.

The full name of the attraction is “SINGHA FlyingSAUCER™/RocketBLAST™”. The word “Singha” itself takes its origin from the word “lion” in Sanskrit and refers to the golden lion from myths. This lion, Rajasi, is the king of mythical animals dwelling in in the Himmapan magical forest, according to a Thai legend. Rajasi is a gorgeous creature with miraculous wings among flames and a spectacular fiery mane (you can see it as the attraction’s logo, and also there is the gold lion’s figure in the beginning of the slide). All Singha ride was inspired by this magic beast: it is as magnificent and unique as a water slide with this name could be.

Singha Slide

Another feature of the attraction is a respectful attitude to the environment: the project from its beginning was considering the scenery characteristics and beautiful tropical vegetation according to the theme of “Siam Park” (Tenerife). Singha required the participation of more than 70 different specialists in total to make the idea of this incredible water slide come true.

How is it going on Singha?

2-people floats are used on this attraction. After a brief explanation of the rules, you’ll start the fast ride through covered tunnels, suddenly changing with curves inside of 8-meter “flying saucers” (bowls) or open troughs, then falling down, then rising up, and making a lot of splashes. It is declared that Singha gives to a visitor twenty different sensations. People say that these feelings are most similar to bobsleigh. It's a fancy opportunity to try bobsleigh in summer, surrounded by tropical vegetation, isn't it? Innovated and strong emotions lovers will be definitely delighted! It is not surprising that this is the most popular slide in the park. As professionals would say, it is a perfect combination of a speedy roller coaster and a large water ride.


To ride the Singha slide at Siam Park Tenerife, visitors must meet the following requirements:

  1. Height: Riders must be at least 1.25 meters (4 feet, 1 inch) tall.
  2. Health requirements: Riders must be in good health and free from any medical conditions that could be aggravated by the ride, such as heart conditions, back or neck problems, or pregnancy.
  3. Rider behavior: Riders must follow all safety instructions provided by the ride operators, must keep their arms and legs inside the ride at all times, and must assume a seated position with their feet forward during the ride.
  4. Age: Riders under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

In addition to the above requirements, visitors should be aware that the Singha slide is a high-speed water slide with twists, turns, and drops. Riders must be comfortable with high speeds and have no fear of enclosed spaces.

Meeting these requirements will ensure that riders can safely enjoy the Singha slide at Siam Park Tenerife. The ride is suitable for visitors who are looking for an exciting and thrilling experience on their visit to the park.


Are there any restrictions for riding Singha (“Siam Park”)?

Yes, the minimum height for riding Singha is 1,25 meters.

How many persons can ride together on one raft on Singha?

Each raft is suitable for 2 persons from 90 to 240 kg at a time.

What is the difficulty level of Singha slide?

According to the scale of “Siam Park”, Singha has a red difficulty level (the highest one).

What type is Singha slide?

It’s a water roller coaster.

What is the landing pool depth?

The depth of the Singha’s landing pool is 105 cm.

Is the pool heated in winter?


How long is the distance traveled on Singha slide?

Singha water slide is 240 meters long.

What is the maximum speed I can reach on Singha?

The maximum Singha’s speed is 18 meters per second.

Does the Fast Pass work on Singha?

Yes, Fast Pass is valid on all slides in Siam Park except the Tower of Power.

How to find it

Singha water slide location on the “Siam Park” (Tenerife) map:

singha on Siam Park plan

Singha water slide location on the Google maps:


Singha Slide

Singha Slide

Singha Slide

Singha Slide

Singha Slide

Singha Slide

Singha Slide

360º View of Singha


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I just laugh from to start to finish, the adrenaline keeps going. I've loved it from the first time I went on it. It's the first rude I go on. It's so much fun. Cannot wait to come back later this year. My favourite by far.

It's awesome, can’t wait to come back

I was so scared to go on and nearly left queue but actually loved it and not sure why I was so scared...

Could ride it all day

My fav water slide at siam park

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Wish we were back on this right now, even though we couldn’t breathe or see

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We loved this ride. I felt like I was inside a washing machine so much fun!!

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Undoubtedly the best ride ever, done this 5 times in a row on my last visit and it still doesn't lose it appeal.

This is one of the ones I screamed my head off on

Oh this is fab, I screamed and laughed the whole way round! My fave!

Singha is Siam Park's best of the best. So enjoyable that I could take ride after ride with VIP pass limited just by strength of my legs

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We went today and this ride was definitely the best, we all loved it. Get to the park early, 9ish. We managed to do about 6 rides in the first hour. Really made our holiday.