Height requirements for slides in Siam Park

Planning a family trip to Siam Park? With a wide range of water slides suitable for children of different ages and sizes, it can be challenging to decide which ones to try first.

Siam Park's Slides by Height Requirements

In this article, we've sorted Siam Park's water slides by height requirements, making it easier for you to find the perfect ride for your child. From gentle play areas for the little ones to thrilling slides for adrenaline junkies, there's something for everyone at Siam Park.

For children under 1.10m (3ft 7in) tall

  • Sawasdee - A fun play area with shallow pools and small water slides, perfect for younger children.
  • The Lost City - A play area with a range of water attractions, including smaller slides, water guns, and climbing nets.

For riders over 1.10m (3ft 7in) tall

  • Mekong Rapids - A white-water rafting experience suitable for older children and adults, with rapids and drops.
  • Patong Rapids - A thrilling rafting experience that takes visitors on a wild ride through a series of rapids and twists, suitable for older children and adults. Riders can expect to get soaked on this exhilarating adventure!
  • Jungle Snakes - A twisting slide suitable for children and adults, with a fun jungle theme.
  • Wave Palace - A wave pool where visitors can relax and swim in large waves.
  • Naga Racer - A multi-lane racing slide where visitors can compete with friends and family.

For riders over 1.25m (4ft 1in) tall

  • Kinnaree - A high-speed water coaster suitable for thrill-seekers, with drops and turns through a series of tunnels.
  • Volcano - A family-friendly raft ride suitable for children and adults, with drops and turns.
  • Dragon - A raft ride with twists and turns suitable for older children and adults, with a dragon-themed tunnel.
  • The Giant - A raft ride suitable for older children and adults, with a giant inflatable tube and twists and turns.
  • Singha - A thrilling ride that drops you through a series of twists and turns in a four-person raft.
  • Saifa - The Ultimate dueling water slide at Siam Park

For riders over 1.4m (4ft 7in) tall

  • Tower of Power - A steep slide that sends riders through a transparent tunnel and through a tank of sharks, with a final splashdown.

Whether you're visiting Siam Park with toddlers or teenagers, the park's water slides offer something for children of all sizes and ages. By sorting the slides according to height requirements, you can plan your visit and make the most of your time in the park. Don't forget to check the park's website for any updates on ride availability and restrictions, and to pack plenty of sunscreen and water for a day of fun in the sun. With its thrilling rides and stunning tropical scenery, Siam Park is sure to be a highlight of your family vacation.